Performance Golf Suite

State-of-the-Art Uneekor EYE XO2 Simulator

Check out our indoor golf simulator in Macomb, MI

The Uneekor EyeXO2 system at our indoor golf simulator allows golfers to cover every angle of their swing using dual high-speed Swing OPTIX cameras and Balance OPTIX Mat. This cutting-edge system helps you...

    Compare - you can easily compare two of your swings in a side-by-side view to identify changes and track improvement

    Analyze - you'll have the ability to break down your golf swing frame by frame to observe your address, backswing, downswing and follow-through

    Annotate - you can incorporate lines and shapes on the viewing platform to further analyze your swing

The balance optics mat adds another dynamic layer to swing analysis. With over 1,100 real-time motion sensors, you can analyze weight shifts, view a vivid heat foot map and pin down the subtle weight shifts that make a major impact on your game. Contact us today to try out the Uneekor system at our indoor golf practice facility in Macomb, MI.